Initial Consultation

Free initial consultation
As a new client you will have a free initial consultation with Lizzy to understand your requirements and likes/dislikes. We keep your details on file so that once you get your style just the way you like, we can do it the same way every time. By getting to know your style and personal preferences Lizzy we be able to tailor the haircut to you and ensure you are delighted every time.
Additionally, Lizzy will conduct a number of tests to make sure that you are not likely to suffer any kind of reaction to any of the products that may be used.
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Cutting & Styling

Trims, cuts, blow-drying and styling
Ladies, gents and children are all welcome to come for a trim, cut, blow dry or style.
Cutting and styling

Cutting and styling

Hair Colouring

Colour, tone, highlights and tint
Colouring can be tricky, but getting your shade exactly right is something that we take great pride in. We offer a variety of colouring services including half-head/full-head/T-line highlights, bleach & tone and tinting.
Our fantastic range of colours and tints will allow you to find the perfect style to suit your skin tone and personality! Your new cut and colour will have you loving your hair again!
Hair colouring

Hair colouring

Complimentary Fringe Trims

For our regular clients
Reserved for our regular customers, we offer a complimentary fringe trim completely free of charge. Perfect when you are not quite ready for a cut but your fringe needs a little management!
Please get in touch with us if you need a fringe trim to check we have a few minutes free where we can slot you in between appointments. Either give us a call, email or message on our Facebook page!
Fringe trims

Fringe trims for regulars

Pricing Table

Please see our 2013 prices below.
Service Ladies Gents Child
Style Only
Short-mid £22
Long hair £28
Long hair up £32
Cut & style £32 £22
Child cut & style £15
Under 5s £10
Bleach & tone £43 £43
Tint regrowth £33 £33
Tint & highlights £40 £40
Tint & highlights long £45 £45
T-line highlights £35 £35
1/2 head highlights £45 £45
Whole head highlights £55 £55
Tint full head £40 £40